How to Delete an App on an iPhone 14

how to delete an app on an iPhone 14

Deleting apps from your iPhone 14 is simple. Navigate to your Home Screen, long-press the unwanted app until it jiggles, tap the minus icon, and confirm deletion. Enjoy a decluttered and optimized device in no time!


Ever had that moment when you glance at your iPhone 14 and wonder, “Why do I have so many apps I never use?” Decluttering your digital space is just as satisfying as tidying up your room. And guess what? It’s super easy! In this guide, we’ll walk you through the simple steps to remove those unwanted apps.

Why Would You Want to Delete an App?

Before diving into the nitty-gritty, let’s chat about the “why” behind app deletion:

  1. Freeing Up Storage: Just like that closet full of old clothes, apps take up space. Removing them means more room for photos, music, and other apps.
  2. Improving Performance: Sometimes, too many apps can slow down your phone.
  3. Minimizing Distractions: Less clutter = less distraction.

How to Spot Those Unwanted Apps

Just a quick tip before we dive in: If you’re unsure about which apps to ditch, think about when you last used them. Can’t remember? It might be time to say goodbye.

Let’s Get Deleting!

Step 1: Navigate to the Home Screen

This is where all your apps live. Swipe left or right to find the one you’re parting ways with.

Step 2: Long-Press on the App

Don’t be shy! Give that app a long press. It’ll start to jiggle, almost like it’s saying, “Why me?”

Step 3: Tap the Remove App option

You’ll see a list of options here, but we want that one that lets us remove the app.

Step 4: Select the Delete App option

You will want to choose the option to delete the app from this pop-up menu.

Step 5: Confirm Deletion

A popup will appear asking if you’re sure about this breakup. If you’re ready, tap “Delete.” And… it’s gone!

Step 6: Exit the Jiggle Mode

Done deleting? Tap anywhere on the screen or press the side button to exit the editing mode.

choose Delete App

Pros of Deleting Apps

  • Boosts Phone Performance: Like a weight being lifted off its shoulders, your phone can breathe and run faster.
  • Enhances User Experience: A tidy home screen means you can find your favorite apps quicker.
  • Saves Data: Some apps run in the background, munching away at your data. Deleting them can reduce data usage.

Cons of Deleting Apps

  • Potential Data Loss: If you delete an app, you might lose its data unless it’s backed up.
  • Redownload Hassle: Changed your mind? You’ll have to redownload from the App Store.
  • Setup Time: If you decide to get the app back, you might need to set it up again.

Additional Information

You can always check how much space an app is using by going to Settings > General > [Device] Storage. This will give you a clear idea of the storage-hogging culprits.


Deleting apps from your iPhone 14 is a breeze. By following these simple steps, you can declutter your digital space and optimize your device’s performance. So, the next time your phone feels a bit sluggish or crowded, you’ll know exactly what to do!


  1. Can I retrieve a deleted app?
    • Absolutely! Just head over to the App Store and search for it. Then, tap the cloud icon to redownload.
  2. Will I be charged again if I redownload a purchased app?
    • No worries! You won’t be charged again for apps you’ve already bought.
  3. What happens to my app data when I delete an app?
    • Unless you’ve backed up the data, it’s typically deleted. Always check the app’s settings or help section for backup info.
  4. Can I offload an app instead of deleting it?
    • You sure can! Offloading removes the app but keeps its data. You can offload by going to Settings > General > [Device] Storage > App Name and then tap “Offload App.”
  5. Do all apps take up the same amount of space?
    • Nope! Each app varies in size, which you can check in the Storage section of your Settings.